The balance of a duo is often shown by their complimentary partner. With traits that are artistic, professional or simply human, it’s what Eric and Alizée radiate to create this tandem of French-American artistry.

Determined to unite their talents, their duality and complementary traits define an interdependent duo.



It’s the engineer, mastery and acute sense of detail that make up a great artist. His degree in Engineering at San Diego State University showed him the necessary training to work on different projects with serious dedication and determination. His passion for photography has birthed the desire to be a dedicated perfectionist in his soul. What defines him the most is his artistic precision.

A master of details and analyzer by heart, he brings light to the objects he shoots. From his passion and beginnings in the studios of LA, it’s in Paris where he learned it all for 4 years, working for luxury agencies and companies, sharpening his sense of detail every day.

Along his continuous search for the perfect visual, he meets Alizée, who artistically and professionally compliments him.


It’s a dreamer's creative innovation, a sensitive look and a “je ne sais quoi” that brings beauty and sensation to her work. She carries a visionary eye, woman's touch, and a powerful leadership. Rooted in Saint Tropez, France, she moved to Southern California to begin a new journey.

She defines art with the subjectivity of beauty that reflects in humans, objects and design. After her education in a Parisien photography school, she knocked on the doors of studios in Paris in search of work. Self-taught, she refined her eye with emotion and feeling, giving birth to her passions for editing, highlighting details and constantly seeking ways to strengthen a photo beyond expectation.

Eric’s vision caught Alizée's attention, and together they decided to create their agency in Los Angeles.