What separates companies like Apple, Nike, and Chanel? Are their products absolutely unique? Or is it because they have created such a strong brand recognition that people identify with every aspect of their company.

With over a decade in experience working for powerful luxury brands, we have figured out the ins and outs of luxury advertising.

We are here to help share our knowledge with you and give your company a lasting brand image that leaves an impression.


Do you want to increase your sales and/or prices? We work closely with you to not only make sure that we help differentiate your company from the competition, but to make sure we greatly increase your sales. Check out our proof below!


"Since working with Erizée, our sales have gone up 488% in less than 2 years! They studied the competition and chose a branding strategy that gave us a visual edge over the entire market. We literally have competitors stopping by and congratulating us on our new visual marketing. " Jimi Hendereson (Silvus Technologies - VP of Sales)



Despite continuously improving their products, Silvus was still falling behind in their sector. Erizée was given the task to re-brand Silvus and help separate them from the competition. It is not always the easiest to differentiate a company that sells military grade radios from other companies selling similiar looking products.

The brand needed a complete refresh to ensure consistency and elevate its expression as the go to company for military grade radios — one that felt premium and luxurious but at the same time technologically advanced.



After much research and determining what has brought the competition success, Erizée realized that not a single one of the competitors has taken the luxury approach. The top competitors took a military approach. So by taking a luxurious and minimalistic product approach, we would be able to give Silvus that simplified and finished product look. We decided that a dark atmosphere would resonate well with the audience who tends to be primarily male. We wanted to simplifiy everything from very long written out explanations to simple catch phrases. The goal here was to create a brand which spoke the words "Elite, High End, Powerful, slightly mysterious".

The start of creating this new brand was to redo everything. We started with photography and reshot every product from A-Z. We did e-commerce and advertising photos to make sure that we had enough content for website creation, brochures, show artwork, and even office artwork." We then created video content and rebuilt all print media from the ground up. All followed by a unique website that completely sets them apart from the competition and clearly establishes their new branding.

Silvus + Erizée was an all encompassing project that had great results. Silvus is taking over the industry and we'd like to think we were a invaluable asset to their success.

Mouse over images below to see Silvus' old marketing materials in comparison to the new ones.



The website was redesigned to be minimalistic and easy to read. We also wanted to keep the viewer interested in staying on the page and reading / watching more. We wanted something seamless and used lots of dark spaces along with paralex between text, video, and background photos to give further depth to the website.



We didn't change their logo completely as they have spent years trying to establish the current logo, so we took what we had and created a much simpler and modern color scheme that matched the new branding.



All print media was updated to match Silvus'new brand image. The previous data sheets and brochures reminded us of textbooks or computer manuals from the 90's. They were informative but hard to understand and follow unless you spoke their language. So we simplified everything to only the necessary information. Once we added custom made imagery we were able to create brochures that completely stood out from the competition.



488% increase in sales

The results from Silvus' re-branding campaign are exactly what Erizée is all about. We not only achieve sales increases, we strive for prestige. Since working with us, Silvus has received numerous compliments on their marketing. They have even received compliments on their marketing from their competition! They have established their branding and are on their way to the top!